Schiavitù minorile: un barlume di speranza dai ragazzi dell’Università Biola della California.(24/10/017)

Roberto Giua and Laura Dryjanska, members of the Rotarian Action Group Against Slavery, have been invited by Alyssa Miller and Ashlyn Aulicino, Breaking Chains Club President and Vice President to the meeting on October 24 at Biola University, La Mirada (CA).During the meeting, Dr. Giua shared about the situation in Italy, –  According to UNHCR data, another thing to record a surge is that of unaccompanied minors. The kids who arrived in Italy alone were twice the number of 2015: 25,772 against 12,360 (1) –   while Dr. Dryjanska summed up some of the outcomes of the Freedom from Slavery Forum that she attended at Stanford University.Then, the Breaking Chains members continued talking about trafficking in the United States through current events. As is their habit, everyone took a couple minutes to find an anti-trafficking article or news story that they find interesting. They had a great variety of stories to talk about during the meeting.