From Valeria Galletti, PP of Rotary Club of Roma Cassia, Coordinator of Shadow Children Project (Rotarian Action Group Against Slavery, Post Bag of Newsletter 79, Nov.12, 2017)

“I do agree with every word of your [covering] letter. Time is come for Rotary to get involved and join the work of the most important organizations. It is a struggle far worse than the struggle against polio in which the enemy was above all “ignorance”. Here the fight is against hundreds of people who are involved and get rich with the exploitation of slavery. Hope there are no Rotarians among them ! Behind this there are so many important industries. Just think about child exploitation in the chocolate, electronics and food components industries. How to fight if the enemy may be also among us ? When I was President of my Club I received the “Instructions for Presidents of Clubs”. I was amazed when I read that President should kick off members who were condemned for sexual intercourse with children. If Rotary has more than a million members not all can be honest and nice people: there are so many reasons to become Rotarians. Never forget that often the wheel we wear has a social weight so not always means that we want “service above self”. We should be more careful when admitting members! Thanks for all your enormous work against so many horrible crimes