A Poem written by a Bakhita House(UK)guest. Guest name changed for confidentiality. From RAGAS Newsletter n. 84, May 2018

You feel bad, angry, upset Don’t worry better days will come again Maybe those days will never come again But don’t forget to hope Hope. What is it ? The only way to believe It’s maybe a lie But it’s better than to feel nothing And maybe that hope that you feel…. Is the only way to believe Do I believe ? I forgot to believe, to love and to be loved But we can be reborn, feel, be bad Be angry, be upset, love, breathe To feel everything or nothing But anyway it’s Your Life, My Life Keep it, love it, don’t hurt it And if the others push you, hit you, destroy you Get up and be reborn, rebuild Don’t let anyone be your shadow Make Your Own Shadow And never forget to HOPE .