New York Street Art Shines a Light on Child Trafficking (Freedom United from CNN, May,12, 2019)

On May 10, members of the public  joined street artists, trafficking survivors, legislators and anti-trafficking campaigners in a two-mile walk across Lower Manhattan, viewing each mural.Speaking at the event is Cecile Noel, commissioner of the NYC Mayor’s office to end domestic and gender-based violence. “Using public spaces for art, just as SAM does, is a critical way to start dialogues and advocate for change,” she told CNN.The Mayor’s Office has taken various actions to help trafficking survivors. Last May, the city announced a paid sick and safe leave law for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking, that allows employees to take paid time off to recover from abuse or trafficking crimes. It has also opened family justice centers in all five boroughs of the city, that provide counseling and legal assistance to survivors