Public Markets Selling Ugandan Girls for as Little as $14 (ZY, May, 30,2019 from Freedom United)

At fast-spreading weekly markets, some women are promised jobs in the Gulf only to be sold once they get there, while others — many between the ages of 10 and 18 — are directly and publicly “bought” as slaves in Uganda and then resold in the Middle East, according to Ugandan authorities, Interpol, independent experts, legislators, victims and their families.The public sale of women started at Arapai, eastern Uganda located 180 miles northeast of Kampala, in January 2018, says Edina Nagudi, the local government’s officer.It began with the auction of around five girls on each day of the market, but the number rose to 20 within two months, she says. The practice quickly spread to other regional markets. At Arapai alone, up to 50 girls are now auctioned in a day, says Nagudi. Overall, more than 9,000 girls and young women are estimated to have been bought at these markets since last year — for as little as 50,000 shillings ($14 ), according to Betty Atim, a member of Parliament.Officially, Uganda bans its citizens from seeking work in most Middle Eastern countries. But the ban hardly works when Ugandans are promised well-paying jobs abroad.