Children can still be charged with prostitution in Texas after Greg Abbott veto (Fredom United fromTexas Trib. 21/Jun/2019)

Children in Texas can still be charged with prostitution after Gov. Greg Abbott this month vetoed a popular bill prohibiting prostituted minors from being arrested or going to juvenile court.House Bill 1771, authored by Rep. Shawn Thierry, D-Houston, would have changed the Texas penal code to not include children in its definition of prostitution. Law enforcement officers would still have the power to apprehend minors they suspected were involved in prostitution, bu t instead of going to jail, the children would be returned to their parents or the Texas Department of Family Protective Services.Thierry said the current system only further hurts children who have been victims of sexual abuse.”We are really depriving them of their liberty,” she said. “They can’t even consent to sex.”