A good new.India Introduces Child-Friendly Courts to Aid Testimonies(Reuters, Aug.23,2019)

Rahda was only 13 when she had to testify in court about how she was trafficked for sexual exploitation when the defense lawyer started grilling her.Why didn’t she run away? Or try to kill herself? Rahda got scared, but fortunately the judge intervened.“The judge told the lawyer his questions were inappropriate, that I was a small girl. She told me to speak without fear. I felt better after that. I was no longer scared,” she said. But many child survivors of trafficking in India aren’t afforded child-friendly courts, if their case makes it to court at all. This is precisely why child-friendly courts have been set up in Beed, in the western state of Maharashtra, in a bid to ensure trafficked children are not retraumatized by telling their stories. But there is a lot of work to do as India ha so many States and many of them are not yet child oriented