Zimbabwe’s child sugarcane laborers: “I’ve never been to school”(Freedom United &The Guardian 19/11/019)

Children as young as seven are performing backbreaking labor on Zimbabwe’s sugarcane plantations, all for just $1 a week in pay. Tapiwa (not his real name), is one such boy who has been working in the fields for the past six months. His parents died in 2017, prompting him to find some form of income.The Guardian says: Tapiwa is joined in this “maricho” (menial work) by his grandmother. They both earn $2 (£1.5) every fortnight.this goes towards buying food and soap. “I would want to go to school one day so that I [can] buy my grandmother what she wants,” Tapiwa says.This is life for the poorest young boys at the plantations. Mukwasine farmers have been criticised for underpaying labourers who constitute a critical part of the sugarcane industry in Zimbabwe.” Do you use healthy sugar cane instead of deadly white sugar? Please remeember such horrible work of so many children and be grateful, at least telling to your fiends and try to help signing  calls from antislavery Organizations,