About bullying( A call from a father. “Lost in nowhere”, dec 14, 2019)

These are also Shadow children! My daughter is suffering from bullying at school at the moment. It’s not the overt bullying that you often see but the more subtle type by use of deliberate exclusion.This post isn’t about my daughter as we have spoken to the school and they are all over it.  My post really is about the fact that bullying can take many forms and it’s not always direct or aggressive but it still has the same negative emotional effect.The statistics in the UK show that if someone is bullied as a child or teenager they are twice as likely to use mental health services as an adult. It’s crucial therefore that all of us as parents or otherwise are alive to this and jump in if we see it.I like to think that there is much more awareness of bullying now and the damage it can do, especially to children, but there is still a very long way to go to deal with this problem.Say no to bullying.Blessed Be.