Teenage radio channel warns of trafficking in Peruvian jungle (FreedomUnited,/T.Reuters Found.Jan,23,2020)

A weekly radio show aired by teenage girls in southern Peru warns their fellow peers to be vigilant of the signs of trafficking and exploitation, highlighting that it is “happening in our communities”.The Peruvian jungle area of Madre de Dios is rapidly becoming a hotspot for sex trafficking and labor abuses as more and more people are being trafficked to the area from poor villages around the city of Cusco, hundreds of miles away. Located within these jungle areas are illegal gold mines. Many men and boys end up being forced to work in these illegal mines where they suffer labor abuses, and women and girls are trafficked into sexual exploitation in bars and brothels nearby, popular among the miners. Young people do not even realize they are at risk of being trafficked as they are lured in with false promises of highly paid jobs ,