Network of baby traffickers arrested in Cameroon(Freedom United, Jan 25, 021)

Voice of America reports:Gweha says Essolla is part of a network that sells Cameroonian babies in the DRC.He says the Cameroonian police have also arrested two mothers who sold their babies, two women from the DRC who bought babies, and a babysitter the women paid to take care of the newborns in Yaoundé. He says the four babies recovered from the traffickers have been handed over to the Chantal Biya hospital in Yaoundé for medical follow-up and care.Gweha said the buyers paid $2,000 for a 1-day-old baby who was still very fragile and $6,000 for children that were healthy and more than 3 months old. The police said the children were hidden in a Yaoundé house and were given injections that put them to sleep. Rather than selling or abandoning their children, Betty Nancy Fonyuy, manager of the Yaoundé-based Timely Performance Care Center, said young mothers should turn to organizations like hers for help.