Young girl forced into marriage failed by authorities (Guardian & Freedom United, Feb. 14/2021)

Authorities in Pakistan are coming under fire for failing to act after a 12-year-old girl was reportedly abducted, chained up for six months and forced to marry a 29-year-old man.As the Guardian reports, the case is now being examined as part of a government inquiry about the forced conversions of religious minority women and girls.While police originally held the girl’s abductor, he was later released after authorities reportedly found no evidence that the girl – who was allegedly forced to work, repeatedly raped and forcibly converted to Islam – had not consented to the marriage.This failure by authorities to identify and support the girl as a victim of forced child marriage has justifiably sparked outrage from the girl’s family who are urging for further action to be taken against their daughter’s abductor.The girl’s father told the Guardian:“They repeatedly raped my daughter. She was in trauma after being subjected to physical and mental torture. They had forcibly converted her to Islam. She was kept as a slave and forced to work having a chain attached to her ankles. Police were not registering my complaint