Stop hunane trafficking in Libya (Freedom United, dec.17th,2021)

People in Libya are being locked away in cells which are so cramped that they must take turns to lie down to sleep. Right now as the world talks about International Migrants Day, men, women and children have been kidnapped by Libyan militias in the name of “migration management” and are facing extortion and torture or being sold into slavery. A quick reminder of E.U.’s track record on protecting migrants in Libya: around half a billion dollars from the E.U.’s Emergency Trust Fund for Africa has been dedicated to Libya’s harmful migration management efforts also strengthening the Libyan Coast Guard: The E.U. has supplied boats, cars, radios, uniforms, training and more to the Libyan Coast Guard. The Libyan Coast Guard’s jurisdiction has been expanded: in 2018, Italy, with the E.U.’s support, helped Libya get approval to expand its Coast Guard jurisdiction nearly a hundred miles off its own coast, criminalizing NGO rescue operations: Italy and other E.U. countries have smeared NGOs, accusing them of “colluding with people-smugglers”,.Freedom United asks: CALL THE E.U. OUT sending messages also on social nets to E.U. (Shadow children project adds: perhaps its all due the perfume of oil ,of course not olive oil!)