A Familiar Face: Violence in the lives of children and adolescents (Report UNICEF NOV.2017)

This report presents the most current data on four specific forms of violence – violent discipline and exposure to domestic abuse during early childhood; violence at school; violent deaths among adolescents; and sexual violence in childhood and adolescence. The statistics reveal that children experience violence across all stages of childhood, in diverse settings, and often at the hands of the trusted individuals with whom they interact daily. The report concludes with specific national actions and strategies that UNICEF has embraced to prevent and respond to violence against children. Author:UNICEF Price:Free No. of pages :96 Publication date:November 2017 Publisher:UNICEF ISBN:978-92-806-4919-2Violence-in-the-lives-of-children_dtls_pgAvailable language versions :  English, PDF Free download , Please contact: data@unicef.org