Una importante iniziativa contro il mercato di esseri umani in Libia.A Freedom United campaign calls for Secretary-General Guterres to formally investigate slave markets in Libya.

This week, it was reported that 11 Somali migrants set to be sold as slaves in Libya were repatriated to their home country].Though Somalia is currently experiencing its own political and social struggles, some of the repatriated migrants fell and kissed the ground as they stepped off of the plane in Mogadishu but  there are so many more still being bought and sold in Libya. The exploitation endured by migrants and refugees crossing Libya in search of decent work and opportunity motivated hundreds of thousands of people around the world, including celebrities and influencers, to speak out on social media against this atrocious crime. We believe that in order to really impact change and protect the lives of migrants in Libya, the first step must be to launch an official UN investigation.That’s why the Freedom United campaign calls for Secretary-General Guterres to formally investigate slave markets in Libya. With evidence from an official investigation, the UN will be able to take the necessary steps toward securing freedom for these vulnerable migrants and refugees.Per maggiori informazioni vedere Freedom United.