Woman Enslaved by Salvadoran Guerrillas to be Deported by U.S. for “Supporting Terrorists”(Freedom United, Global News, June 7th,2018)

A woman who was kidnapped by guerrillas in El Salvador nearly three decades ago and forced to work for them “under the threat of death” is now facing deportation after a U.S. court ruled that her enslavement constituted “material support” for terrorists. The main appellate body of the immigration courts heard that the woman was abducted in 1990 by guerrillas, who subsequently forced her to cook and clean for them. According to court documents, the militants even “forced [her] to witness her husband, a sergeant in the Salvadoran Army, dig his own grave before being killed.” To read the entire article, click here https://edition.cnn.com/2018/06/06/politics/woman-el-salvador-guerillas-ruling/index.html