World Cup Child Trafficking Rescue Saves 10 Nigerian Kids (Freedom United from BBC, June 11th 2018)

The BBC reports:The children, who were unaccompanied, are now in a shelter for victims of trafficking which run by the National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP).Five other potential victims, also children, were stopped from boarding a flight to Russia when staff noticed they had one-way tickets.Criminals have been pressurising young Nigerians and their parents to take advantage of the World Cup to get Russian visas, NAPTIP says.NAPTIP says that these children are likely to be exploited by traffickers upon leaving Nigeria.Thomson Reuters Foundation reported that NAPTIP’s director Julie Okah-Donli issued a statement saying, “The agency will not give traffickers any opportunity to use the World Cup to ferry Nigerians out into a life of misery abroad.”Across Europe, many African victims of human trafficking come from Nigeria. The UN Migration Agency says that the majority of sex trafficking victims in Italy are Nigerian women.To read the entire article, click here