Rotarian Action Group against Slavery, Newsletter n. 85

If you only have a few minutes to spare in your busy daily schedule, please do turn  straight to page 3 and click on the link which opens up the 6 minute film we showed at the Action Group’s Breakout Session in Toronto. The film explains the concept of Freedom Rings and the partnership between Freedom United (the largest modern anti-slavery community in the world) and RAGAS (the Rotarian Action Group against Slavery).  At the end of the film the CEO of Freedom United, Joe Schmidt, refers to his joy in partnering “with one of the great powerhouses in making change” Joe is of course talking about “Rotarians”. As former RI President Kalyan Banerjee reminded us a few years back. “We are the doers of our communities, the leaders, the ones who are most involved, who see the problems and have the means to find the solutions.  We are the worldwide network of inspired individuals who translate their passions into relevant social causes to change lives in communities