Rotarian Action Group against Slavery Website: 9 July 2018 Issue No 85

I was particularly pleased to have with me as presenters a long time anti-slavery activist and friend, Rotarian Carol Metzker from Pennsylvania, and Ann Marie Jones who is a survivor of commercial sexual exploitation. Both gave very powerful presentations whilst Ann Marie testimony reduced many delegates to tears, including this presenter. I was also pleased to show at the Breakout Session a short film entitled “Freedom Rings” which has been produced by Freedom United (the largest modern anti-slavery community in the world) in partnership with our Action Group to combat the evils of contemporary slavery. To find out more about the partnership proposal between Freedom United and RAGAS, please first watch the film by clicking on this link: and then visit the relevant website which is mentioned towards the end of the film. If you are interested in learning more about how you can get involved with the fight against human trafficking and slavery, just fill out the simple form provided online and you will be contacted shortly afterwards by an activist from Freedom United (from page 3)