Marriage Struggle to Bring Chinese Children ‘Home’(Freedom United, Aug., 29th, 20018)

Women fleeing North Korea primarily head to China, but upon making it across the border there lies the danger of human traffickers who attempt to sell them to  Chinese men searching for wives.But the stories of North Korean women sold into marriage become even more complicated if they eventually make it to South Korea — they must endure the torment of leaving behind their children born to their Chinese husbands.  North Korean defector ,Choi, South Korea was supposed to be the start of a new life. She escaped starvation in North Korea only to be sold to a Chinese cab driver However, as her husband explained, “She had no legal status in China and she may be caught by the police. But she could have residency in South Korea.” China currently treats North Koreans as illegal immigrants and repatriates them if discovered.Choi thus fled to South Korea, struggling to adapt in a new environment where she faced several educational barriers to getting a job. Still, she began the lengthy paperwork and DNA tests needed to prove her relationship with her son in China and applied for him to have residency. In the end, Choi  — just three weeks after she was able to bring her husband and son over from China she was murdered. There have been no reports of her death in South Korean media and police did not tell her husband and son what happened to the killer.