Laura Dryjanska: news from California.Rotarian Action Group Against Slavery,(Aug.27th, 2018)

Laura Dryjanska- former Vice Coordinator of our Shadow Children Project and  now Professor at the Biola University, Cal.- has visited a new association against human trafficking, mainly dedicated to minors  called Forgotten Children, Inc. Possible interesting collaborations both on the territory and in the field of research and teaching. Among minors special care is dedicated to baby prostitutes(from 12 to 14 years old)- mainly coming from illegal mexican families- who offer heir bodies to the truck drivers along the main highways of California. Often they have choosed this life or have been pushed  by their poor and miserable mothers. Between Interstate 5 and  Long Beach there are about 32 motels not requiring documents. Thanks to Laura for carrying on programs dedicated to poor minors in spite of her great work at the Biola University and also expecting a baby. Congratulations and all the most wishful thoughts from our site…also to Roberto Giua!