“How I Ended Up as a Modern-Day Slave in NYC”(News Digest from New York Post, 7,Oct.2018)

Shortly after her arrival in New York City, the girl’s journey became a nightmare. Massalay (10 years old Nigerian girl)learned she had been sold into the modern-day slave trade as a “house girl.”She would be trapped in domestic servitude for the next six years — cooking, cleaning and caring for strangers while being beaten, forced to sleep in a bathtub and raped, giving birth on the day she celebrated her 14th birthday.Massalay believes her parents were duped into paying a family to take her to the US, thinking their daughter would be provided safety and an education they could never give her.It turned out the other family was part of a labor-trafficking network.“I remember spending hours and days crying, just praying, ‘God, come get me.’  Massalay told The Post”She became pregnant after her next-door neighbor raped her while she was home alone. When she told her trafficker what happened, “She wouldn’t believe me. She told me I was a slut, a whore, a liar,” recalled Massalay.She was taken to get an abortion, but the doctor said that it was too late — she was in her second trimester. Her trafficker then told Massalay she could continue to live with her as long as she put the baby up for adoption.Upon giving birth to her daughter, Christina, the two entered New York’s foster care system, which forever changed her life and set her on the path to legal status in the US.Later, when she was 23, she was finally able to call her mother back in Liberia.She blamed her mother for allowing her to be trafficked, psychologically tortured and beaten in New York City for years.Today Massalay is a star teacher in New York, teaching history and English at the Academy for College Preparation and Career Exploration in East Flatbush and earning several awards for being an outstanding mentor for students.