Who’s Advertising African Child Brides on Facebook?(The Daily Beast, april 4th,019)

In one community in Nigeria, some men have taken to Facebook to advertise teenage girls for marriage to men old enough to be their grandfathers.And it’s often their own illiterate fathers who are behind the ads.The Becheve community, a large tribe of 17 villages in Obanliku, has a common practice of exchanging young girls for food or livestock or cash, or to settle debts, that is referred to as a “money marriage. In one case, a 16-year-old named Monica and her 14-year-old sister were “sold” into marriage after their father posted their photographs on his Facebook page. The men of the clan have found the new technology helps to extend  their old, exploitative traditions.“My father knew nothing about Facebook until my elder brother bought him a smartphone and convinced him to join Facebook and post our photographs whenever he likes,” Monica said. “Once he married me, he turned me into his slave and punching bag,” “He said he paid so much to marry me and so I had to labor hard  to prove that I’m a grateful wife.”When contacted by the Daily Beast, spokespeople for Facebook said they were unfamiliar with what is happening in the Becheve community.