About 13m US children are living below the poverty line, rights group reveals (The Guardian, May 1st, 2019.

A leading children’s rights group has called for a doubling of the federal minimum wage and wider access to housing subsidies to end the “moral travesty” of millions of children living in poverty while the wealthiest Americans get tax cuts.The Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) said in a new report that about 13 million American children are living in homes with incomes below the poverty line, depriving many of a decent education and proper nutrition, and putting them at risk of homelessness and violence. Two-thirds of those living in poverty are children of colour.“No child should have to worry where her next meal will come from or whether she will have a place to sleep each night in the wealthiest nation on Earth paid job.The organisation calls for sweeping action by Washington. It said that a combination of more than doubling the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour within five years, increased tax credits and widening childcare subsidies would cut child poverty by more than half. Increasing access to housing subsidies to low-income families on less than 150% of the poverty level of $25,100 a year for a family of four, would alone lift 2 million children out of poverty.Child poverty rates in the US were highest in Louisiana at 28% and lowest in New Hampshire at 10.3%. In other States the child poverty rates are: New Mexico: 27.2. Wests Virginia 25.9¸Washington DC 25.6 Alaska: 14.5