Forced marriage: alarm in Turkey over marriage of Syrian girls(Freedom United & Independent July 10, 2020)

Syrian girls in Turkey are being married off by their families at increasing rates to cope with the economic pressures of the pandemic, The report by the Turkish branch of Freedom United partner organization ECPAT, which works across the world against the sexual exploitation of children, details how desperate Syrian families are resorting to selling their daughters off to support themselves. In cases where the marriage is informal, and therefore not recognized by the Turkish government, these Syrian girls have no legal protection and are doubly vulnerable to abuse..But the survival strategy lessens the financial burden of Syrian families during the pandemic and allows them to pay rent—in some cases, giving their daughter directly to their landlord. Freedom United strongly supports the fight against forced child marriage, the report draws renewed attention to legislation dubbed the “marry-your-rapist” bill, which was debated in parliament in January.The bill would suspend the sentences of men accused of sex with minors if they marry their victim, which activists have decried as legitimizing child marriage and rape.ECPAT argues the bill would put refugee children at particular risk in Turkey .Most likely the bill will return to Parliamement, The  delay was probably  due to the pandemic situation.