Woman rescued after decades of domestic slavery in Brazil (Freedom United&Reueters July,8,020)

A woman has been rescued after years of domestic enslavement by a wealthy family in São Paulo, Brazil. The woman, worked for over 22 years in slave-like conditions in a mansion before being found living in a storage shed and rescued last month.Working for sporadic pay far below minimum wage, she was forced to use a bucket for a toilet, sleep on a couch, and rely on a neighbor for food and other basics. Those responsible are Mariah Corazza Barreto Ustundag, an executive at beauty company Avon, along with her husband  and her mother Sonai Regina Corazza, who abandoned the woman without telling her they were moving out earlier this year. Brazil’s definition of slavery is broad and progressive by international standards, covering debt bondage, degrading work conditions, dangerously long hours, and violation of human dignity in addition to forced labor.Labor inspectors rescued over 1,000 workers from slavery-like conditions in 2019 alone.